Our Story

How We Met

We met in Charlotte, NC on October 9, 2016. It was a gorgeous, fall Sunday so Laney, Esso (Laney's dog) and Marissa (bridesmaid) decided to go to Sycamore Brewery for brunch.
That afternoon Max was invited to join a group of friends at Sycamore. He was indifferent on going given he was watching his Carolina Panthers play football, so he flipped a coin...literally. Thankfully it landed on heads which meant he was going to Sycamore.
Marissa and Laney were sitting outside on the patio. Max walked outside and Esso ran right up to him and made the introduction. We started talking and before we knew it hours had passed.
To this day we make it a point to stop by Sycamore on our anniversary (and just about every Saturday) and give Esso all of the loving and puppy treats possible for bringing us together.

The Proposal

Max took Laney to a beautiful rooftop dinner on Friday, November 30, 2018. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to Laney until they were seated. Max seemed nervous, but yet overjoyed by something and even teared up when picking out a bottle of wine. They enjoyed appetizers and not long after he asked the waitress if she would take a picture of them outside on the rooftop which is when Laney really knew something was up. Normally she's the one asking for pictures. Max had a carefully crafted speech prepared, but only managed to get out bits and pieces. For Laney, it couldn't have been more perfect. We stayed on the rooftop for a bit to soak it all in and enjoy the moment. After a beautiful dinner, Max suggested they walk down the street for an after dinner drink at a local spot. Max opened the door and the place was filled with their close friends and family to help celebrate. It couldn't have been more magical.

Kelly Schmidt